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July 27, 2020

Kirant museum under construction in Khotang district

Kedar Magar

Kirant museum showcasing the poster of Kirant king Yalamber

Kathmandu: Works to build a Kirant Museum goes on at Ribdung Maheshwori of Aiselukharkha rural municipality-5 in Khotang district of Nepal. To date, construction of a cemented roof on the first floor has been completed.

The museum construction project aims to protect artifacts, attire and historic, religious and cultural values and life of the Kirant people.

It may be noted that the Aiselukharka rural municipality in the current fiscal allocated to Rs 1.5 million to undertake the project. Besides, the project has got Rs 1 million under the Local Infrastructure Development Partnership Program, said construction consumers’ committee coordinator Kukshang Khambu.

It is estimated to costs Rs 5 million in course of implementing the project. Additional fund has been managed through the donation campaign.

Kirants, who are said to have come from eastern parts of Nepal had ruled from Kanthmandu for nearly 1600 years prior to advent of Lichhavi rulers.

The Kiratis had attacked and defeated Mahispal of Kathmandu to establish their Kirant rule in Nepal according to Gopal geneology and historical chronicles.

Yalamber was the first Kirant ruler during Kirant dynasty rule. Around 28 kings of Kirnats are said to have ruled Nepal. Some of the statues found in Kathmandu still depict the remains of the Kirant rule in Nepal.

It was during the rule of the seventh Kirant king that Lord Buddha had sent his disciple Anand to preach Buddhism in Kathmandu valley.

Indian historical king Ashoka had also visited Kathmandu during one of the Kirant rule  and had built Chaitays in Nepal.

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