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August 4, 2020

Attractions of Mrudunga waterfall in Panchathar

Rabindra Kafle

Panchathar: Mrudunga waterfall of Panchathar has become an attraction hub for the domestic tourists after the area got access to road.

Visitors are thronging to see this waterfall after Puspalal (mid hill) highway and Tamor corridor road touched this waterfall area. The waterfall is situated in Hilihang Rural Municipality.

The crowd of visitors get attracted to see the waterfall that stems from among the big rocks. This waterfall spot can be reached in an hour from Mechi highway.

Since most of the local means of transportations are available to reach this place, it is easy to reach here said local Suresh Chapagain.

According to Chapagain more than 250 visitors come here to enjoy the beautiful sight of this waterfall daily. The Tamor road passes from just 200 meters distance from the waterfall.

People usually come here to take photos of the waterfall and post it in their social media.

The road access to this spot has played a significant role in making  this waterfall famous among the visitors.

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