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August 8, 2020

Restricting celebration of festivals to family

Kathmandu: The government has said that all kinds of festivals should be restricted within family members as far as possible to curb the spreading spree of the deadly virus in the country that has caused the death of  70 lives so far and infected more than 22,000 people.

The Ministry of Health and Population issuing a statement said government’s health guide lines should be complied with in order to contain the Coronavirus pandemic which invariably entails the citizens to celebrate their cultural festivities not in big gatherings but limited to their few family members only.

This would be the only appropriate measures against the deadly effect of the virus besides using masks, sanitizers, washing hands with soap, maintaining social distance, said the statement.

Similarly, the government guideline also dictates that all religious gatherings should be limited to 25 and efforts should be made to avoid touching the statues of deities and goddess as far as possible.

The statement further clarifies that while holding any religious gatherings, appropriate and efficient health staff and volunteers should be mobilized at the gathering site and the site should be disinfected at least two times in a day.

The prasad of the religious gathering should be prepared by health conscious person by using hand gloves and other fruits should be arranged to be distributed at homes as far as possible.

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