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August 9, 2020

‘Buddha Hill’: A new travel destination in Baglung

Khemraj Gautam

Photo: Khemraj Gautaum/RSS

Galkot: ‘Buddha Hill’ has become a matter of discussion in the recent times when intensive search is going on for new tourist destinations.

Buddha hill located in Baglung district’s municipality-6 as an attractive hill has become a destination and matter of hot topic among the people. The locals are bent on spreading this site as one of the tourist hub.

“Buddha Hill” is a recent phenomenon on the Baijani slopes of Shakyamuni hills which gives an appearance of Gautam Buddha. That’s why it has been publicized as one of the potentially rich natural as well as religious site for the domestic as well foreigners to visit.

According to a local youth tourism operator, Khim Bahadur Chhetri this statue known as Buddha hill was located while taking photographs of the sloppy regions of Baijani during the lock down period recently.

Buddha Hill is situated at an altitude of 775 meters above sea level for and efforts are being made to make it a attraction hub for the visitors.

Although the Buddha hill was already present on this hill yet no one had taken steps in the direction of making it an attractive destinations for the tourists.

The way to reach Buddha hill is via Baglung’s Dharapani to Kalimati and it may take around 15 minutes to reach this site.

The local body authorities are also mulling over this project as to how to make it a famous hub for the visitors by investing into it for promotion of tourism industry in the country.

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