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August 11, 2020

Krishnajanmasthami festival being observed

Kathmandu: Krishnajanmasthami festival or the birth of lord Krishna is being observed across the country with great devotion to Lord Krishna who is considered as one of the prominent Hindu Gods.

Legend has it that Lord Krishna was born in the midnight during the July-August time in Mathura when his parents were in captivity as his maternal uncle Kansa the merciless ruler had imprisoned them.

But when Lord Krishna was born the doors of the prison were open, the guards were asleep and it was a dark night. Heavy rain was occurring outside.

It is said Lord Krishna was an incarnation of God who was born as human being to bring justice in the world where evil was dominant over the good.

Lord Krishna later in his life time killed his maternal uncle and cruel ruler  Kansa who had tormented his parents when he was child.

Lord Krishna also became an instrumental player of the epic war -Mahabharat in Hindu theology.

That’s why the birth day of lord Krishna is celebrated with great veneration pomp and show among the Hindu devotees. To celebrate this day the devotees wake up till midnight. Sweets are distributed in the midnight to mark the moment of birth day of the lord Krishna.

Specially women swing the photos or statues of Lord Krishna placed on a swing after midnight when the lord is born symbolically. Devotees throng the Hindu temples  tonight to see and celebrate the birth of the lord with devotion.

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