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August 18, 2020

Kusunda Ghantu at Duradanda Homestay

Kathmandu: Ghantu is one of the traditional dance of hill people based on ancient legends. It is usually danced on Baisakh prunima and Buddha prunima by Gurung, Magar and Dura community.

The dance has special method of performance which is performed for three days and three nights.  The method of dancing for next year begins as soon as one year’s dance is finished.

Ghantu dance is of three types such as Sati Ghantu, Kusunda Ghantu and Barahamase Ghantu. Sati Ghantu is not usually performed though Kusunda Ghantu and Bahamase Ghantu is performed any time. Satu Ghantu is performed only on Baisakh purnima.

In the recent time, Kusunda and Barahmase Ghantu are being performed for a shorter period in the homestays run by Gurung, Magar and Dura community. The dance is performed to entertain the guests which ranges from fifteen minutes to half an hour.

The homestay run by Dura community at Duradanda’s Makaiswara and Turlungkot are showcasing the dance of Ghantu to gratify the guests and visitors.

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