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August 21, 2020

Indrajatra gets postponed

Living Goddess Kumari in Nepal
Kathmandu: One of the main festival of Kathmandu valley-Indrajatra has been postponed due to risk posed by Covid-19 and preparations are on to worship the local deity for forgiveness.

According to Indrajatra organizing committee, Kathmandu branch chief Hari Prasad Subedi, since lock down was imposed in Kathmandu valley from Wednesday night due to increasing risk of Coronavirus the logs of wood needed for Indrajatra were not fetched.

The specific time allocated to cut down the woods for Indrajatra was 9:25 p.m as per the decision of the Nepal Panchang Committee, but at the same time the curfew was imposed and things could not move forward.

The Indrajatra was supposed to begin from September 1. Holiday is also declared inside Kathmandu valley on this occasion. The living Goddess Kumari is also moved to upper tole on this occasion.

The Indrajatra organizing committee officials said that the worship for forgiveness will be carried out at Taleju, Bhairav, Ganesh and Kumari temples. Another famous festival of Machhendranathjatra was also postponed for fear of Coronavirus outbreak in the town.

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