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August 24, 2020

Uncertainty lurks around resumption of domestic flights

Kathmandu: Uncertainty lurks around resumption of domestic flights due to increasing risk of the Covid-19, although the government earlier had taken a stand to resume all kinds of flights from September 1.

The government officials said discussions are on with domestic airlines operators about flight resumption plans, yet uncertainty prevails.

The government seems to be more focused on operating international flights to bring home  at least 500 stranded Nepalis  daily from abroad, yet no final plans has been passed with regards to resumption of domestic flights as the government is caught between two horns as whether to resume domestic flights or postpone it further.

However, the domestic airlines operators have been putting pressure upon the government to allow resumption of domestic flights by adopting safety protocols as per government directions and that of World Health Organization.

The domestic airlines operators earlier had also warned the government that they might be bound to resort to protest if the domestic airlines flights are not operated from September 1.

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