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September 2, 2020

Silent picturesque Basantapur during Indrajatra

Kathmandu: The Basantapur which would usually look most vibrant during Indrajatra festival remains completely silent this time because the most popular festival observed among the indigenous Newari community in the Kathmandu valley has been postponed due to fears of Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the Kathmandu valley this time is passing through curfew orders. So, utter silence prevails everywhere.

Pulling the wooden chariot of the Indrajatra should have begun on Tuesday only. Crowds of Newari youths pulling the chariot of Kumari through various lanes of Kathmandu valley up to Basantapur is no more seen this time because of curfew orders imposed following spreading spree of the deadly virus epidemic.

However, despite postponement of the festival the Newari priests are preparing to conduct worship of the deity for forgiveness. The pictures given here speak of the silent cry of the Basantapur and people who are confined within their houses.

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