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September 2, 2020

Worshipping Kailash deity during Coronavirus crisis

Kathmandu: The time for Nepali festivals has arrived as monsoon is about to end. However, there is no excitement and glamor about these upcoming festivals due to fear of Coronavirus pandemic.

Such festivals or fairs are being thwarted due to imposition of curfew orders in various places. Most of these festivals have been postponed while few of others are limited to families.

This is the time when Kailash deity is being worshipped at Bajur’s Badimalika rural municipality-8, even during the Coronavirus crisis.

The local women attired in their traditional dresses with flowers and jawara can be seen heading towards the fair which is held on the occasion of Purnima every year.

Shamans (Jhankris) dancing after worshiping the local deity-Kailash. The crowd watches the Jhankri dance before them in the fair.

Photo: Prem Bahadur Raule/RSS

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