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September 6, 2020

Vultures’ population increasing every year

Kathmandu: The number of vultures, also known as natural scavengers, has been on the rise lately in Kanchanpur district every year. Kanchanpur recorded 30 to 40 vultures of various species some two decades ago.

The number of this bird of prey stands at around 200, thanks to the relentless conservation efforts of the concerned ones in this district.

Among the 23 species of vultures found across the world, there are nine species of vultures in Nepal, among which, seven species have been undergoing considerable decline in recent years, according to the National Trust for Nature Conservation. Kanchanpur district also has seven species of vultures.

The decline in the number of vultures was caused with the excessive use of diclofenac, the fatal drug. It is used in the carcass of animals. Currently, the diclofenac has been banned.

Shuklafaant National Park Chief Conservation Officer Laxman Poudel, said, “Kanchanpur was declared diclofenac-free zone in 2010. Since then the number of vultures has spiked in this area.”

Also, the deforestation rate has been on the wane which keeps the habitat of vultures intact, contributing to the increase in their numbers.

Vultures help keep the environment clean since they devour on the dead animals- carcass. A vulture eats around 200 grammes of carcass.

Meanwhile, the Shuklafant National Park and Laljhandi Conservation Area have launched vulture census beginning from this week, informed conservation officer Poudel (RSS).

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