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September 8, 2020

Kanchanpur hotel operators intend to deviate

Kanchanpur: Kanchanpur hotel business operators are on the verge of deviating from their current hotel business after hotel business came to a grinding halt due to global pandemic created by Coronavirus in the country.

These hotel operators are likely deviate as hotel business comes to a standstill phase and hundreds of hotel workers have lost their jobs according to chair of Hotel Business Association Pramanda Bhandari.

Hotel business which is considered to be one of the backbone of the country’s economy is ruined. More than 1300 hotels used to transact at least 10 million worth in a day which could mean 20 to 50 percent marginal profit said Bhandari.

The hotel business men have been demanding the government to waive their bank loan installment interest, electricity bills, telephone, water and internet bills.

These hotels encountered financial crisis as passengers could not move in the absence of transportations. Even if some of the hotels dared to open for the passengers it has been useless as there is no passenger to welcome at the hotel due to nationwide lock down.

More than 60,000 family members of around 1200 hotel workers are solely dependent upon the income of these hotels of which three are three star hotels in the district while there are 100 standard hotels. More than 20 billion rupees has been invested in these hotels where 40,000 to 45,000 people have got jobs.

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