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September 11, 2020

Amazing Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Nepal

Tourism experts are of the opinion that trekking with Manaslu circuit in Nepal is one of the best classic and spectacular treks that one can enjoy in the world.

This trek gives the traveler an immense golden chance to personally experience the natural beauty in its infancy coupled with Himalayan panoramic glimpses of incredible images of landscape, waterfalls and lush green forest teeming with vibrant life of flora and fauna.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is an adventurous classic trek to the untouched region of Nepal. Despite its recent rise in popularity, the Manaslu Trek remains remote and off-the-beaten-path compared to the better-known teahouse treks in Nepal.

The trek takes you around Manaslu, the world’s eighth highest mountain at 8,163 meters (26,781 ft) and around the Manaslu conservation area.

The Manaslu circuit trek that may take 14-days, starts at Soti Khola and ends at Beshi Sahar and can be extended to any number of days as per your interest for any alternative trek  around this region.

Main highlights of this trek may include the following: 

  • Jaw-dropping natural beauty of the forests, rivers, and flora in the Manaslu region.
  • Friendly people, rich culture of the region which includes both Nepalese and Tibetan ethnic groups (mostly Sherpas).
  • Larky La Pass (5167 meters), the highest point on the trek.
  • Stunning view of some of the highest peaks in the world- Manaslu, Cheo Himal, Himlung Himal, Nemjung, Gyaji Kang, Kang Guru, and Annapurna II.
  • Abundant wildlife including Tahr (Mountain Goat), Agali (Blue Sheep), Pika (Highest living Mammal), Himalayan Marmots and, if you are lucky Snow Leopard.

This trek opened to trekkers in 1992, still has the feel of a pioneering expedition. The trekking trail will slowly wind your way north to the snowbound Larkya La Pass next to the Tibetan border.

The altitude here is a problem but almost forgotten with the jaw-dropping views of Manaslu. At 5167 meters Larkya La pass is usually snow-covered. Micro crampons are often used on the descent.

Trekking to the pass requires a 3 am start in order to make the highest point before the winds come, usually around mid-morning. A stupendous wall created by Cheo Himal, Himlung Himal, Nemjung, Gyaji Kang and Kang Guru, casts down a stream of glaciers, while Annapurna II rises ahead. This view alone makes the trek worthwhile.

Best time to trek

Spring and autumn are the best time to trek through Manaslu circuit.

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