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September 13, 2020

Aircraft added to Narayanhity Palace Museum

Kathmandu: An aircraft that used to be used by the erstwhile King’s royal family has been added to the Narayanhity Palace museum. The old royal aircraft dismantled into pieces and carried to the Narayanhity palace has been reassembled for showcase to the general public.

The royal palace known as Narayanhity Palace was turned into museum after Nepal was declared as republic state.

This museum is becoming attractive for the public. The Nepal army personnel on last Saturday had dragged the old aircraft up to the museum where all royal assets are collected and showcased for the public.

The old aircraft brought to Nepal 46 years ago from Britain was used by the royal family then Nepal army had used it after declaration of republic.

The aircraft was grounded for the last two years and it was brought to the museum under the coordination of Tourism Ministry.

Nepal army personnel dragging the aircraft to the Narayanhity palace museum.

Photo: Roshan Sapkota /RSS

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