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September 24, 2020

Covid-19 pandemic: Myths and reality of Pokhara city

Pokhara lakeside

Kathmandu: The tourism activities of tourist city Pokhara are completely stopped. Hundreds of tourism entrepreneurs and workers associated with tourism are jobless.

We talked to Hotel operator Bikalp Bogati and Pokhara city tour guide Krishna Bharati about their post-covid-19 situation.

Talking to Highlights Tourism, hotel operator Bogati said that the situation of hotels in Pokhara is still crisis-prone because there is no cash flow and many workers associated with hotels are out of jobs.

Bogati said she has been making new strategies for the post-Covid-19 hotel business which includes maintenance of the hotel which could not be done in the presence of the hotel inmates before the outbreak of Coronavirus.

She also has given time to her family and engaged herself in other extra activities to kill her leisure.

She said that some hotels are not in a position to open now while some are seeking ways to revive. The overall situation for hotels in Pokhara is adverse.

There are more than 700 hotels in Pokhara. She also indicated that out of all hotels located in Pokhara some have agreed to allow their hotels for quarantine. They are satisfied and are still willing to allow their hotels for isolation as well if the government asks for such support said she.

Pokhara is one of the top tourist destinations for tourists for its cultural as well as natural beauty. Tourists usually come here for paragliding, city tour, adventure sports, bungee jump, and even for yoga and meditation too.

Pokhara is also a gateway to the Annapurna trekking trail and  Machhapurchre sight.

City tour guide Krishna Bharati while talking to Highlights Tourism said obviously they are facing problem due to Covid-19.

All tourist guides have been adversely affected by the current crisis. Many have returned to their villages as their occupation related to tourist guides mainly depended upon the tourists’ tips and it got stopped for the time being.

Boating in Pokhara
Boating in Pokhara

But since most of the European tourists stopped coming to Nepal and Pokhara following the outbreak of Coronavirus, the daily livelihood of tourist guides has been totally disturbed. However, they are trying to engage themselves in alternative ways of sustaining their lives.

He also indicated the government has not been able to redress the livelihood of the tourist guides. So, tourism organizations like TAAN and HAN should proactively move forehead for the revival of the tourism sector and protection of tourist guides.

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