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September 29, 2020

Hot water flows again: Happiness spreads among locals

Kathmandu: Happiness has spread among the local people of Rasuwas Aamachhodingmo Rural Municipality-5 after the source of hot water started flowing again. The hope to see the vibrant village has become a reality.

This source of hot water had dried up suddenly after the last earthquake in 2015 hit hard the village area and many hotels situated nearby had closed down where tourists used to flock around as these hot waterfalls on the Tamang Heritage trail.

Domestic tourism had also come to a stand till after this hot water stopped flowing in this area. The hotels along this Tamang trail were running with difficulty.

The recent earthquake that rocked this region seems to have caused this hot water to flow again. Nobody knows when the hot water started flowing in the midnight. The hot water was flowing in the morning. The locals used to worship two times in a month wishing for this hot water to flow again.

“We believed that the hot water will flow again. The water had flowed after the 1990 earthquake came,” says Babu Tamang who is ward chairman here.

The hot water was of 34/36 degrees before. Now, it is 22.4 degrees hot and it has increased. Now the hot water has started flowing with 28 degrees in one source and with 33 degrees in another source.

Ward chair Tamang said, “now the locals are apt to clean the water and make it flow through the tape. Only the locals are using the water and we have not allowed the outsiders to come in as this is the Covid-19 infected time.”

The owner of Pilgrims hotel Tila Ram Ale also expressed his happiness at the flow of hot water. He recalls how this place was crowded with tourists as they used to stay here and take bath in hot water. They were badly affected after this hot water dried up. Now he has the hope to see the tourists again.

It is said that dipping inside the hot water in the pond cures skin disease, sex diseases, joint aches, etc.

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