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October 10, 2020

Sherpas of Royal Bahrain Mt Manaslu expedition collect 900 kg garbage

Kathmandu: The Sherpas of Seven Summit Treks engaged in royal Bahrain Mt. Manaslu expedition 2020 autumn are reported to have collected 900 kgs of garbage from the Mt. Manaslu base camp region between October 5-8, 2020.

The wastages and garbage at the base camp had remained there from the past years. The expedition team is said to collect more wastages and garbage from the higher camps in a couple of weeks according to Face book status of the Seven Summit Treks on Saturday.

The total collected garbage and waste will be delivered to the local wastage management body at the end of the expedition.

The trash collected include iron rods, tent rods, old tent ropes, cans, EPI empty cans, cooking stove, damaged drums, water pipes etc.

The royal expedition team of Baharain Prince Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa stationed at Manaslu base camp these days is preparing to climb Mt. Manaslu in few days.

On last Saturday only the royal expedition team had vanquished Mt. Lobuche peak which is 6100 meters above sea level.

Seven Summit Treks, a private trekking agency in Nepal is organizing and guiding the royal expedition team of Bahrain.

The world record holder climbers like Kami Rita Sherpa and many other expert Sherpas along with more than 1000 porters are involved in this expedition to support the royal expedition team of Bahrain.

The royal expedition team has plans to summit Mt Everest in the next season after scaling Mt. Manaslu in this season.

Photos: Seven Summit Treks

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