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October 14, 2020

When to begin beginner mountaineering in Nepal?

himalayasIf you are just a beginner for climbing mountains in Nepal, then you may have to consider about the right time, season, and weather conditions to climb the lower altitude mountains before attempting to summit the higher mountains.

Lower altitude mountain climbing may prove your prowess to withstand the technical climbs that you have to pursue later on with mountain above 8000 meters.

So, usually, it is advisable for you to start testing your prowess of physical stamina and climbing aptitude and skill to use the climbing tools by firstly attempting to scale mountains which are around 5000 meters or 6000 meters above sea level in Nepal.


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Even attempting to climb lower altitude mountains will give an opulent chance of viewing the gorgeous sight of highly elevated glimpses of higher mountains that will definitely encourage you to submit the higher and more technical peaks in the next season with the mountaineering training under the guidance of world-renowned training experts and Sherpas in Nepal.

Nepal harbors eight mountains which are above 8000 meters and most of the alpinists long to attempt them as far as possible in their lifetime.

Since the weather is the main cause of success and failure of your summiting a peak the following time are worth considering for your forthcoming mountaineering in Nepal.

One of the suitable time for climb could be March to early May when the days are warmer and nights are also warmer. The morning is incredibly clear and the pristine views of the Himalayas can be caught with the naked eyes.

The autumn season beginning with September to November is the best time to climb in Nepal. This is also the best time for trekking conditions.

If you want to be a lonely traveler and be free from the hassle of a crowd of mountaineers all along the trekking trails or expedition routes then you may also decide to land in Nepal in the months of February to May or December.

The weather conditions are unpredictable in the Himalayas. So you have to get well versed with the climatic conditions of Nepal before climbing.

The only thing you should do is to secure a climbing permit and get equipped with proper gear and get hold of a well-reputed tour agency in Nepal that has enough trekking experience in the Himalayas.

Your choice of mountains could be peaks such as Kala Patthar which is 5643 meters above sea level. The next choice may be Mera peak which is 6476 meters above sea level, followed by Pokalde (5806m), Island peak (6189m), and Lobuche East (6119m).

The expedition team of Bahrain Prince Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa unfurling the Bahrain flag on the top of Mt Lobuche after the first successful summit recently. This is their first attempt at a mountain summit in Nepal as they come from seashore cities and had never seen a mountain in Nepal. So, Lobuche has become the best peak for beginner mountaineers.

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