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October 24, 2020

Bahrain Prince returns home after climbing two mountains

 Kathmandu: Prince of Bahrain, Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa has returned home on Friday after successfully climbing Mt Lobuche and Mt Manaslu.

Nepal’s Tourism Ministers Yogesh Bhattarai had seen off the Bahrain Prince Khalifa and his team at the airport in Kathmandu Friday.

While speaking to Minister Bhattarai at the airport, Prince Khalifa said that he had enjoyed the spectacular view of natural beauty that romanticized him while climbing mountains in Nepal which he had never seen before. He also added by saying that the charming beauty of nature so allured him that he felt like staying back in Nepal.

The Bahrain Prince also divulged that he would share his invaluable experience of staying in Nepal for one month and seven days with the audience of middle east.

“I have no complains about anything during my stay in Nepal. The warm and unique hospitality I was accorded here and the natural beauty has left an indelible imprint upon my mind,” said Prince Khalifa.

Minister Bhattarai on the occasion expressed his gratitude towards Prince Khalifa for publicizing Nepal’s natural beauty in the middle east. In addition Minister Bhattarai also solicited his excellency Prince to prevail upon his citizens and audience of middle east to visit Nepal in future.

Prince Khalifa’s expedition team comprising of 18 members had arrived in Nepal more than one months ago to climb  6119 m high Mt Lobuche and Mt Manaslu as high as 8156m.

The expedition team had reached atop Mt Manaslu within eight days of expedition that started from the Manaslu base camp and cleared 1900 kg of garbage from the base camp.

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