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October 26, 2020

10:19 a.m.auspicious time for Dashain tika

Kathmandu: According to Calendar Determination Committee the most auspicious time for Dashain tika is set for 10:19 a.m on Monday morning.

The committee also hinted that since Bada Dashain festival itself is auspicious occasion, the tika can be received at any time in the day time after 10:19 a.m.

All Nepali Hindus are preparing to observe the tenth day of Bada Dashain today with Dashain tika rituals which also marks the family reunion.

Likewise, the auspicious time for Devi Bisarjan is 10:11 am.

The tika used during the Dashain  festival is made up of a mixture of rice grains, curd and red vermilion powder formed into a paste and put on the forehead. Along with the red tika is Jamara (newly germinated shoots of barley or maize golden in color) used behind the ears.

Usually the senior most members of the family offer tika to the junior members of the family.

According to astrological aspects of Dashain tika ritual it would be auspicious for a receiver of tika to sit by facing the western direction, while one who puts tika should face eastern direction.

Prime Minister and Minister of Health and Population have called upon all Nepalese to observe this national festival by staying at respective homes to curb the spreading spree of Covid-19 in the country.

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