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October 28, 2020

Seven Reasons why you should visit Nepal

Mannsi Agrawal is a well known international motivational speaker. In one of her motivational video presentations, she has spoken about “Seven reasons why one should never ever visit Nepal.” These reasons are given below for the perusal of readers and potential tourists who would like to visit Nepal.

Weather: The weather of Nepal is so suitable that a visitor would always feel the sense and aura of a free sauna in the morning, daytime, and evening. So, the weather is the first reason for which one should visit Nepal.

Patan Durbar Square
Patan Durbar Square

Heritage: Can you believe that Nepal is the tourist destination of the World’s seven heritages which are recognized by UNESCO which include 17th century-old Patan Durbar Square to Pashupatinath Temple and Swambhu. So, the tourist should visit Nepal to take stock of these world-recognized heritages.

Natural view: Can you imagine that Nepal is such a tourist destination that harbors the world’s eight highest mountains out of 14 mountains which are above 8000 meters and the highest mountain Mt Everest lies in Nepal. It is really wonderful to see a panoramic view of snow-capped mountains while just brushing your teeth in the bathroom of a tea house or hotel in the hills of Nepal. So, if you don’t want to miss these views Nepal is your final destination instead of Switzerland.

Biodiversity: Nepal has o.1% of total global areas of biodiversity. However, Nepal’s 3.2% area of flora out of the world’s total area and Nepal’s 1.1% area of the fauna of the world’s total area where you can see the various species of butterflies moving freely in their natural habitat makes it an indispensable destination for you to visit once in your life time.

Lakhe dance Photo Pawan Sthapit
Lakhe dance – Photo: Pawan Sthapit

Culture: Since Nepal is a country of more than 123 languages and 124 ethnic people, opulent cultures are found here including worshiping dogs and birds during the Dashain festival including showcasing the Lakhe dance of Newari people in Kathmandu valley. So, why would you like to miss the observation of these cultural activities in Nepal?

Tamang food

Food: Nepal is home to more than 130 delicious eateries including momo and Tibetan dishes. So, for such a variety of foods to taste, you would not like to miss a visit to Nepal.

Mixing up with Nepali people

People: The people of Nepal are well known as brave Gurkhas who have earned their names and fame as mercenary soldiers in Britain, Singapore, Indian, and Brunei. Not only Gurkhas but all common men here act like heroes if they have to take up cudgels for you. They are the people who always wear a smile on their faces despite the hardship they suffer. So, this reason also impels you to visit Nepal time and again.

As a matter of fact, Nepal is not a place for vacation, it’s a place for life time experience.

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