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October 29, 2020

Luwangsa doors always open for guests

  •  Jiwan Lama 

Dolkha: The doors of Chankhu Luwangsa in Gaurishanker rural municipality are always open for the domestic tourists as homestays prepare themselves to welcome the tourists.

The internal tourists are still coming to this village even during the Covid-19 pandemic. The locals of Chankhu Luwangsa and Gaurishanker conservation region in Gaurishanker rural municipality-6 have started homestays to welcome the tourists.

The villages is predominantly populated by Sherpa community and internal tourists usually throng to this villages to observe the local Sherpa culture, arts and traditional dresses.

This area also has easy road excess to various other tourist destinations such as Jiri, Cherdung, Jattapokhari, Panchapokhari, Tarapokhari, Bhutpokhari, Chhyo Rolpa, Dudhkunda and Chhyokum which are decorated with natural beauty along the way.

The ward chairman Pemba Sherpa says the homestays started with seven homes have sufficed for the tourists. Four persons can be accommodated in one house according to Sherpa.

The tourists can also cook their own food. Conservation of Sherpa culture has been able to entertain the tourists arriving here says Sherpa.

Sherpa cultural shows are performed on every evening for the tourists.

Sherpa community has been producing Lukuni, Randhi, Ghumradhi, and Bakhu through their manual weaving process. Such home made clothes are made out of sheep’s wool. So they are attractive and durable. Few quantities of these indigenous productions are being exported too.

The Sherpa community still continues to rear Yaks and Sheep. The potato is the main production here. The guests are welcomed with Yak’s milk and various dishes of potatoes are served.

The transportation to reach Luwangsa is available from the district headquarter Charikot which passes through  Singati and Bhorle to Luwangsa. An easy and good trail is also available for the trekkers to reach Luwangsa.


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