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October 31, 2020

Experiencing blissful meditation trekking in Nepal

HB Kham

Manaslu base camp: File photo
Whether you believe it or not Nepal is the land of gods and goddess where natural beauty, serenity of environment and purity of the sacred places are manifested in their highest magnitude.

It is the mystical and magical paradise where even Gods envied with human beings to relish the nectar of human love. That’s why Gods occasionally took birth in the form of human beings in Nepal to realize and enjoy what human love stood was.

Annapurna Base camp
Annapurna Base camp

Most of the base camps of the higher mountains in Nepal including Mt Everest base camp, Manaslu base camp and Annapurna base camp can offer you the most suitable trekking expeditions during which you can experience the tinge of meditation trekking.

There is not much of difference between a normal trekking and a meditation trekking. Usually a meditation trekking schedule will have spared some time in the morning and evening to meditate in a peaceful and serene environment.

Everest base camp: File photo
Everest base camp: File photo

Meditation will make you physically and mentally fit to grapple up with any of the problems of life. It overcomes your anxiety, fear and hatred feelings that might sometime surge up in your mind and heart due to unavoidable situations.

Sun rise view from Poon Hill
Sun rise view from Poon Hill

It is really a transformative experience that you will go through while taking this type of trekking in the lofty Himalayas of Nepal. It is one of the ingredients of Nepal’s spiritual tourism which is not comparable to any other meditation trekking of the world.

Meditation helps you to attain a different zone of mental peace and blissful state of being which make you get rid of all worldly problems. Meditative posture will definitely provide you a different state of mind and good feeling about yourself and about the world around you.

Mardi Himal
Mardi Himal

If you intend to be meditative during your trekking, you will undoubtedly find several spots most suitable for your mediation during the day time as well.

As a matter of fact there is no fixed routine for a meditation trekking. It is pathless path and it just happens while you are on your trekking trail.

Meditation during your trekking is a way of transforming your mind and physical body to a different state of being. It is the way to transcend the human made barriers and feel the sense of transcendental experience which is rare experience for a spiritual person and meditative trekker.

Meditation done repeatedly for several days might help you to develop your focused concentration of mind and you will also develop a positive feeling towards all sentient beings. Your analytical power will also be enhanced on doing this practice.

If you happen to keep doing such meditation, you will come across different levels of consciousness and may be you will rediscover yourself. You will understand the purpose of life too. If you ask a great sage about the main purpose of life he would say it is to find the main purpose of your life. So why not spare few minutes of our daily trekking hours to discover who we are?

Meditation is something that can be experienced and felt and not read. If you wish you might also have the freedom to meditate in a monastery or Hindu temple that you may choose during your trekking.

But remember, Nepal is the only destination of such mediation trekking where even invisible and intangible gods and goddess might be willing to help you enjoy this tangible blissful moment of your previous life.

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