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November 2, 2020

Zipline started at Bhedetar

Dharan: Zipline has started at Bhedetar, a tourist destination, in Dharan-4 in Sunsari district.

Inaugurated seven months ago by Chief Minister of State 1 Sherdhan Rai, the adventure sport was affected by lockdown due to global COVID-19 infection.

Operated by the World Wide Group Nepal Pvt Ltd, the project cost approximately Rs 30 million. The project offers three varieties of the sport–classic, superman and couple zip flying.

Classic mode has a flyer onboard and the flyer fly like a superman under superman category. Likewise, a couple can fly under couple zip flying.

It takes around 40 seconds to reach the landing point from the take-up point, said Bibas Bhandari, an owner of the project. One is charged Rs 1,200 to fly under classic mode, Rs 1,500 under superman and 1,800 under couple zip flying (RSS).

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