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November 4, 2020

Helambu to revitalize as a hub of apples

Sindhulchowk: Local residents have joined their hands to develop Sindhupalchowk’s popular tourism town, Helambu, as a hub of apples after a hiatus of around 37 years.

All the apple trees were cleaned up when they did not yield since 1983. Now the local youths are putting their efforts to change the narrative.

They are working to bring back the history when over 300 kg of apples produced in the first year of apple re-yielding. Renjen Hyolmo, a local, shared that the farmers sold out all apple produce in the market same year which had also rekindled their hope to revitalize the lost identity.

He further said that the apple manufactured in rainy and chilly Helambu region is juicy and sweet. Apple was the identify marker of Helambu, said Pema Lhyamu Sherpa, adding that they have therefore started cultivating apple farming again.

Farmers said that the local governments now should arrange market and technicians with the apple started yielding. “We have faced problems in protecting apple trees from several diseases and insects in absence of agro technicians in the village”, said Kami Lama of Melamchighyang.

Once upon a time Helambu had established its good name in apple yielding in Nepal, India and third countries. Apple farming has been initiated in all villages and settlements to revitalize the lost identity of Helambu in apple production.

Helambu rural municipality has a plan to provide special incentives to apple producing farmers and develop the village as a hub of apple, shared Helambu chair Neema Gyalje (RSS).

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