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November 5, 2020

Enjoying culturally and naturally rich Helambu trek

Helambu Trekking is said to be one of the best, shortest and popular trekking in Nepal. The Helambu valley which is a habitat for Sherpa people lies around 75 km to the north of Kathmandu.

This trekking is going to be your richest trekking both naturally and culturally besides proving to be the best hiking in Nepal which mostly tantamount to beauty and natural richness of Switzerland.

Whether you chose to hike through or to trek through the Helambu valley, you will be captivated by the charming sight of snowy peaks of Gauri Shanker, Langtang Lirung and Ganesh Himal.

Your hiking or trekking becomes all the more endowed with the richness of natural beauty, when you come across the ancient Buddhist cultures here.

What is flabbergasting here is the pleasing climatic conditions coupled with beautiful green valleys teeming with vibrant life of misty rhododendron forests.

Helambu can be your best destination for shorter trip, hike and trek, if you are in Nepal and you don’t get time enough to visit Annapurna circuit. The magical landscape along with the Buddhist  monasteries here keep you captivating.

The picturesque village along with the rich culture of hospitality among the Sherpa people make you feel home away from home.

To get to this spot, you need to take one hours drive from Kathmandu to Sundarijal by any local bus or private car. Sundarijal is the entry point for Helambu trek.

The route that leads you through will be resplendent with Rhododendron flowers, pine forests, green meadows and you have ample chances of entering and exploring the Shivapuri National Park as well.

This trek is the easiest and best for the beginners of trekking in Nepal as this trek altitude is just 3500m. So no fatigue, no nausea and no altitude sickness here.

The Helambu trek may take around 8-10 days and can be finished in 5 days also. However, you may start this trek from Nagarkot, Sankhu and Kakani as well.

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