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November 6, 2020

Manahukot Attractions

Damauli: Domestic tourists have started flocking to Manhukot at Vyas Muncipality-5 in Tanahun district to see sunrise and cloud.

All those coming to this popular spot are attracted and guided by the selfie of this spot uploaded in the social media.

Most of  the visitors who reached this attractive spot have reacted saying that the place is more beautiful than what was shown in the social media.

The inflow of internal tourist to this tourist spot has not dwindled after the visitors were seen here during the Dashain festival.

The visitors from hinterlands of Tanahun and outside districts are reported to have come to visit this spot and more tourists are expected to come here with the advent of winter season. The visitors are more attracted to early sunrise view here.

Several romantic sights can be seen from Manhunkot including the mountain peaks, Damauli market, Madi river, Sange river, Tanahu hydropower dam etc.

Infrastructure for tourism has been geared up as soon as  hustle and bustle of tourists seen this region. The Vyas municipality has began to construct a view tower at an estimated budget of Rs 3.6million. Protection railings have also been made to protect the safety of the visitors .

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