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November 14, 2020

Kukur Tihar and Laxmi Puja being observed across nation

Kathmandu: Kukur Tihar and Laxmi puja is being observed across the nation today which is the third day of Yamapanchak according to the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee.

The day coincides with Kukur Tihar or Dogs’ day and the day of Laxmi puja (worshiping the goddess of wealth) for prosperity and affluence.

In the evening time the people worship the goddess of wealth and pray for prosperity and good health.

On this day the people clean their houses and surrounding, illuminate their homes and light butter lamps to ‘invite’ the goddess to their homes, with the faith that the goddess Laxmi will enter the house which would be very clean and charming.  The Goddess is believed not to visit the houses which may be filthy to look at.

Some groups of girls and boys also sing songs of bhailo on this occasion while visiting from door to door during the whole night time. The festival of Tihar  and Bhailo is also related to the legend of Bali Hang king who was a Kiranti king.

However, this year the merriment of bhailo is restricted with restrictive orders issued by respective chief district officers everywhere due to Covid-19 pandemic and fear.

The day observed as Dogs’ day (Kukur Tihar) is based on  Hindu legends which says that the dog is the vehicle of God Bhairava, who is a form of Lord Shiva. On this day the people give delicious foods to the dogs and worship them with flowers.

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