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November 30, 2020

Easy to stroll and stay in Ligligkot homestay

Ligligkot: Ligligkot is one of the most heard about the historical place since our childhood days. It is not only significant from a historical point of view but also is naturally captivating.

Numerous visitors interested in strolling, have started thronging to this place in recent days as these people can enjoy the natural beauty as well as observe the historical sight.

The only problem faced by the visitors to this place was that of food and shelter. So, the Ligligkot homestay has been started since Saturday at Palungtar-2 in the ligligkot. The Mayor of Palungtar municipality Er. Deepak Babu Kandel inaugurated the selected seven houses equipped with good facilities as homestays.

The homestay that began with seven houses will be added in course of time according to the villagers. Every house made for homestay has one single and double bed facilities which is modern and have separate bathrooms too.

Chairperson of Homestays Prem Kumari Thapa said the domestic tourists and other visitors can observe Magar culture, besides having fun with local dishes and homestays.

The financial support for these homestays was collected under the coordination of American based Dr. Bal Krishna Sharma Marahatta.

As much as Rs 2.9 million was spent in building home stays according to homestay construction coordinator Ishwory Prasad Sapkota.

Mayor Kandel said the Ligligkot has been a major attraction for domestic tourists and efforts are still being made to attract more tourists for which homestays are being managed.

Pampha Basel, the deputy mayor divulged that these homestays are second in place from within the municipality, and first of its kind among the homestays run by women alone.

During childhood days stories were heard and retold about ligligkot; where Ghale kings used to run a race, and crown the winner of the race as the new king during Dashain according to the tradition.

Dhravya Shah of Lamjung was also among those who participated in the race for kingship. His later lineage ruled from Gorkha. His own son king Prithvi Narayan Shah later on unified Nepal.

This place is not only historical in an entity, but also a surreal and naturally fantastic place to visit from where one can view Mt Manaslu, Bauddha, besides seeing the heart touching sight of sunset and sunrise.

Now, it has become easy for the visitors to stroll around Ligligkot because homestays have been built nearby for sojourn.

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