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December 1, 2020

PM Oli’s conceived view tower

  •  Chandra Bhandari

Jhapa: Nepal’s tallest view tower is under construction at Damak area in Jhapa. The Nepal government’s project of national pride “Damak View Tower” will be 100 meters high with 10 stories.

The view tower is being built on a land of five bighas received free of cost from the local people of Damak Municipality-3, and is expected to be attractive and fascinating to the people.

A Lalitpur based construction company -Om Sairam and a Chinese Construction are engaged in the construction of the tower with a budget above one billion and 561 million.

This is how the view tower will look like

The view tower which will be 18 stories will be 100 meters high, though only 72 meters part of the tower will be concrete, while the roof part that tapers into the rooftop will be made up of a mettle frame which will be 28 meters according to construction design Manager Sarjal Bidari.

The tower is located 6km west of Damak crossroad. The bottom ground of the tower will be a parking place for vehicles. The view tower will have an entrance, ticket counter, souvenir room, and a health post in the eastern part.

There will be an open theatre in the Westside while the northern side will have a fountain park, children’s garden, etc. National assembly member Davendra Dahal said this view tower will pave the way for tourism development of the Jhapa.’

This view tower is more likely to be useful to view the wide-open vast plains of the Madhesh area and the captivating landscape of Dhankuta, Ilam, and Panchathar.

The tower will also accommodate shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, banks, and boutiques. The contracting construction companies have already committed to complete this project within 30 months of the agreement signed.

The locals of Damak also opined that Prime Minister KP Oli had conceived the very idea of the view tower in the Damak area. The locals also say that after the tower is erected, homestays will be opened for the tourists as there are still 100 households of the Dhimal ethnic community here. (RSS)

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