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December 27, 2020

Exploring rural Nepal in mountain bike

  • HB Kham

Exploring the spectacular naturally and culturally captivating rich heritages, rural life styles, flora and fauna, wild life, chirping birds in nature of Nepal is one of the most indispensable alternative adventure activities that a tourist can engage in while in Nepal.

Nepal is going to be your great destination to experience the most enjoyable mountain bike holidays and tours in the rugged trails of mid-hills and Lower Great Himalayan Trail.

The mountain bikes give you a vantage point to travel through the middle of villages through narrow lanes and rustic areas where you will come across various models of houses built in a traditional styles and the mode of living of villagers that has not undergone changes despite advent of modernism and post modernism in the world.

The local folks attired in their traditional costumes and swaying paddy fields, lush green grazing meadows and grazing cattle can give you a different picture of the world where you have never imagined of being a witness to it.

The Mountain bikes are available on hire at various cycle stands and stalls which can be hired at cheap rate from one day to week’s time or as many days as you wish to travel in a mountain bike.

Undoubtedly, touring the rural Nepal in a mountain bike means observing each and everything including people and their cultures and habits in a microscopic manner.

The tour may be more like a moving through a paradise without any restrictions.  You can choose as to whether you will enjoy the single track and high altitude trekking routes to cycle through.

You can easily choose out of so many alternative routes such as Annapurna circuit trail, Kathmandu to Pokhara route, Upper and Lower Mustang trial, Kathmandu valley route or Pikey peak trail. These are the most popular mountain bike tours in Nepal which you can book from one of the travel agencies in Nepal.

Mountain bike holidays in Nepal would be safest trips and journeys for you as it is thrilling and at the same time environmental friendly adventure which is tailored for tourists like you.

Most of the mountain bike equipments are available in Kathmandu. But maybe you will have to bring with you some personal equipment that you may require for mountain bike tours in Nepal such as bike helmets, sunglasses, gloves, bike repair tools, first aid kit box , shoes, video graph equipment, biking suits as these equipments may not  be easily available in Kathmandu.

When to go on Mountain Bike tour in Nepal?

Actually, Nepal offers best opportunity for mountain bike tours in all seasons. However, March to May which is springtime and September to December, the autumn season is the best for biking holidays in Nepal.

It freezes in the Himalayan during December to February and from June to September it is rainy seasons with mostly monsoon and cloudy atmosphere. But Mustang can be the best for this monsoon time as it is the rain shadow area.

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