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December 27, 2020

Community Homestays in Historical Liglig Kot

Gorkha: Ligligkot is a well known historical place. Long ago, the Ghale tribal rulers of Ligligkot used to run a race on the day of Dashain to select the King.

Lamjung’s prince Dravya Shah seized the power at that time and then put an end to the tradition of selecting a king through a race.

Later on, the descendant of Dravya Shah ruled in Gorkha, and the king Prithvi Narayan Shah unified Nepal.
Ligligkot is not only significant as a historical place but also suitable for observing the beautiful sights.

The locals are now making collective efforts to make this site one of the attractive tourist hub. In this context, Ligligkot homestays have been managed at Palungtar municipality ward no 2, Kholli. Municipality Mayor E. Deepak Babu Kandel has inaugurated these homestays.

Recently, visitors interested in history and hiking have started visiting this place. Such visitors are not only enjoying the historical importance of the place, but also natural beauty.

The only problem for these visitors was that a well-managed place to eat and rest was not available. But now there is no more logistic problem for the visitors.
Rooms and foods have been managed after homestays were operated. Homestays well equipped with all facilities have been managed in seven houses of the village.
Locals say that more homestays will be added later.
Each homestay has single and double bedrooms along with one modern toilet to accommodate three guests.

The visitors coming to stay in homestays can have delicious food in a family environment.
The visitors here can observe the Magar culture and enjoy the local weather and locally produced honey and fruits.
A local Dr. Balkrishna Sharma Marhattha based in America has a special contribution to the foundation of Ligligkot homestays.

It was under his coordination that financial support was gathered to construct these homestays. Each homestay construction has been supported with around 350,000 rupees. Besides this, Sharma had also collected financial support of USD 5000 for furniture in coordination with Sangsangai America, a nonprofit initiative.
Palungtar municipality and locals have also contributed to some extent to the construction of the homestays.
Ligligkot is densely populated by Magar, yet Dalits and Thakuris are the other major group in the area.
Visitors can observe the cultural traditions of Magar and other ethnic communities here.

Sunset and sunrise can be seen at Ligligkot. The Himalayan ranges in the north and green plains towards the south can fascinate the visitors.

The mountains such as Manaslu and Buddha can be seen from here. The 26 km long road leading to Ligligkot from Dumre of Prithivi Highway is blacktopped.

Whether from Kathmandu, Pokhara, or any part of the country, you can reach here with ease.
The youths of this area are also putting efforts into Ligligkot tourism development. According to Sanjive Rana, chairman of Ligligkot Village Sports, plans are underway to showcase the historical event of Ghale rulers, who used to select kings through a race in Ligligkot by organizing cycle race very soon.
Liglogkot race is also going to be organized on the occasion of Dashain festival. The Ligligkot is good for those interested in historical things, and also for those who like to enjoy the natural beautiful sights around it. Homestays here has further made the visitor’s visit more comfortable. Now, anyone can visit Ligligkot with confidence.

Homestay Contacts:

Bed Bahadur Rana: 9851234814

Devi Thakuri: 9862385155

Dil Bahadur Thapa Magar: 9741725272

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