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December 31, 2020

Fun of riding four wheel motorcycle Quad

Tistung: The number of tourists in the tourist region of Chitlang in Makwanpur has increased on the eve of English new year 2021.

The increased number of tourists is owing to excitement and interest to ride the newly introduced four wheel motorcycle quad in Nepal for the first time.

According to proprietor of four wheel motorcycle Ramsharan Nepal, despite decrease in the number of foreign tourists following Covid-19 pandemic, there has been encouraging advent of domestic tourists to throng to four wheel motorcycle quad ride after Dashain and Tihar festivals.

This Quad motorcycle entrepreneurship was initiated jointly by Gear Nepal Pvt Ltd and Chitlang Resort Pvt Ltd one year ago, with five four wheel motorcycles brought from China for adventure sports.

The local ward office has given temporary permission for this motorcycle ride on roads not yet black topped by investing Rs 1.1 million for each motorcycle from China.

Nepal does not have any policy to monitor such Quad motorcycle ride, though in the foreign land such motorcycles are used in deserts, muddy areas and uneven surfaces for adventure sports.

Chitlang has become a virgin land for fun for such adventure sports ride through sleepy, rocky and muddy roads. Ranjit Byanjankar of Khaktapur enjoyed this motorcycle ride through the road overflowing with melting ice.

Rs 3000 is charged from tourists for riding seven kilometer distance in this motorcycle according to resort officials.

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