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January 1, 2021

Mount Khumbila: Deity of all mountains

  • HB Kham

Mountain Khumbila which is elevated at an altitude of 5,761 meters above sea level has never been climbed any climbers barring one attempt done in 1980 that had culminated into death of climbers due to an avalanche. After this no one has ever tried to climb this mountain.

According to Sherpa guides, Khumbila stands for “God of Khumbu” and even Khumbu region was named after this mountain. Sherpa people highly regard this mountain with awe and reverence.  They deem it too sacred for them. Khumbila is considered to be patron god of this Khumbu region.

Historical anecdotes narrate that Khumbila was said to have been defeated and converted to Buddhism by Gurun Rimpoche in the 8th century who spread Buddhism the Himalayan region. Gurug Rimpoche is believed to have meditated sometimes in a cave above Khunde, perhaps above mountain Khumbila itself.

As a matter of fact in Tibetan language also Mt Khumbila means God of Khumbu. It is one of the most charming mountains in the Himalayan region.

Sherpa people still believe that Khumbila is the custodian of their realm. So, they worship it from time to time. The low land below the Lukla is called Solu and highland above is Khumbu.

They are restricted to climb above the tree line area.  If they climb they will suffer from altitude sickness because the tree line above is the abode for God while below is meant for humans. Climbing atop Mt Khumbila means climbing above the head of God.

Khumbila stands atop the famous Namche Bazaar and considered the main deity among all mountains of this region.

Few local Sherpas believe that with the dawn of 20th century their sacred traditions have been broken down due to human venturing into their forbidden lands which has turned their sacred place into a garbage place.

The human activities have adversely affected the environment of the Himalayas according to the Sagarmatha Pollution Congroll Committee (SPCC). The Mt Everest was reported to have been described as the worst polluted place in the world.

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