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January 12, 2021

Gorkha-Kathmandu unified trekking route completed

Kathmandu: Gorkha-Kathmandu unified trekking route has been completed on Sunday. The route that connects Dhading via Nuwakot has reached Nepal Army’s headquarter and Hanumandhoka.

The route was connected with Kathmandu and completed with great cultural and musical pomp and show which represented Himali, hill, terai, Newar community of Kathmandu and all regions and communities through the reflection of national unity via cultural glimpses, Lakhe dances, and presentation of literary activities before the whole process of route completion ended at army’s headquarters in Kathmandu.

Marking the occasion of Pirthivi’s anniversary, a melodious ceremonial musical tune was played by the Nepal army’s unit simultaneously at Chandragiri, Dahachowk, Shivapuri, Sanga, Mahadev Pokharri (Nagarkot), and Army headquarters.

Nepal army’s chief of the staff Purna Chandra Thapa also inaugurated the Prithivi Narayan Study center on the same occasion after which the historian and intellectual professor Jagman Gurung lectured on how late King Prithivi Narayan Shah contributed to the nation, nationality, and unity and how the future generation can emulate it.

The army’s welfare trust has also organized a quiz contest to mark the same occasion and awarded the winners of the quiz contest.

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