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January 13, 2021

Virgin and Colorful Destination: Jata Pokhari–Paanch Pokhari

Text: Jeevan Lama and Photos: Lala Gurung

Dolakha: Gaurishanker Rural Municipality lies on the lap of Gaurishanker Himal. This Himal elevated at 7134 meters above sea level not only introduces this municipality, but also the whole Dolkha district.

Gaurishanker Rural Municipality is enriched religiously, culturally, and naturally. Many hydro projects are under construction here. The rural municipality has herbal plants in abundance.

Paanch Pokhari

Keeping because of these cultural, religious, and natural heritages the rural municipality is planning to take the road map of prosperity through efforts to attract domestic and foreign tourists to this region through publicity of tourism latent areas of this region.

In this context, a new trekking trail has also been discovered and prepared to connect the areas of municipality ward–6 based Chankhu Luwangsa to Ghosa, Yale, Bukini, Tarapokharai/Kalapokhari, and Jatapokhari–Panch Pokhari with a slogan, “Promotion of tourism, our commitment”. We are introducing you to the trekking trail here.


Shankhu, Luwangsha

On the first day of your trip, you can reach Chankhu Lawangsa in ward no 6 of Gaurishanker Rural Municipality for a night halt from Kathmandu, the District headquarters of Dolakha, or other parts of the country.

The village here densely populated by Sherpa only has homestays too. The village can introduce you to Sherpa culture which has not yet come under attack. The guests are welcomed here in traditional style. The homestays here are being operated in coordination with the Gaurishanker Conservation region. The guest can enjoy the taste of organic foods.

There is a monastery near the village. All guests coming to this village are seen off from this monastery and urged to visit again. Few visitors feel like coming to this place again due to Sherpa’s traditional hospitality, untainted culture, and delicious local foods.


This is the first day of trekking, though it may be the second day of your leaving home. You have to trek uphill after being seen off from the monastery of Chankhu Luwangsa. The nursery located nearby also fascinates the tourists.

The main productive crops here are potatoes and wheat. Potatoes are exported outside from here. The traditional method of plowing is still followed here and no new technology has been introduced. Changkhu dairy can be reached after seeing various hills. Dairy is being operated here for a long time. The dairy products such as ghee, cheese, and other milk products are exported via Jiri.

Gauri Shankar Himal

Today’s night rest will be at Pemding. It is surrounded by hills all around while there is a wide-open plain in the middle. The place is around 3800 meters above sea level from where you can view various ranges of Himal very closely. It seems as if the Himals are going to kiss you.

Nearby is Burmuche Danda. Most of the parts of Dolkha can be viewed from this spot. You can see below the sprawling landscape of green hills, meadows, plains in the field, and valleys with Gauri Shanker above your head. Sherpa’s Yarjeng (Ubhauli/Udhauli) is also celebrated on this danda. This is a natural view tower with its elevation point around 4100 meters high. You are distracted by the scattered herbal plants of nearly 108 species all along the trekking trail.



The next journey from Pedang can be started after taking breakfast and tea early in the morning. The captivating natural beauty keeps fascinating you and restricts your movement of steps forward as you come across the attractive trees, plants, and herbal plants, and high hills through this journey. The air around you becomes aromatic with the smell of ‘Sunpati’ and ‘pine’.

The journey keeps going through the uphill and downhill trekking trail. It looks as if a talented artist has colored the forest area with multi-colors. You will not even wink one time after starring at these attractive things, and if you do so, you might be fearful about missing yourself.

Today’s rest will be at Yaale. The Yak sheds found are temporary. You have to manage your own logistic needs.

We managed our resting place near the stream. We stretched our tents. Yale is divided into three parts. Upper Yaale, Yaale, and Lower Yaale. It’s a plain area surrounded by hills. You feel a different sense of peace here. An internal peace of mind and heart you can experience differently.


Jata Pokhari

Today is the day to reach our destination. We analyzed our journey days. We all in a circular shape. The rural municipality chairman Soyam Bahadur Khadka and Nepal Communist Party’s Gaurishanker Rural Municipality Chairman Jung Bahadur Gurung facilitated the meeting. Brainstorming and discussion about the possibility of the region’s tourism perspective were organized.

We continued our journey after the snack. The natural beauty also continued to draw our attention. Some are busy taking photographs and some are busy in a selfie. Some are engaged in videography.

Yonisha Waterfall
Paanch Pokhari



Everything including stones, soil, trees, plant look multicolored. The difficult uphill road journey becomes fun due to romantic natural surroundings. Such sights encourage and inspire the trekkers.

The Yonisha waterfall is located across the road which appears as if white color is spilled over it and it attracts all visitors. Crossing the Khimti stream is all the more fun. The bridge is made up of woods across the stream and murmuring stream under it. Crossing this stream is like a soldier going into a war. After crossing the stream the nose touching uphill trail stands in front. Sunpati reminds you of the tea garden of Ilam.

Tara/Kalo Pokhari

Yes, Tarapokhari/Kalappokhari (pond) is reached after crossing this uphill trail. People believe that only lucky people can see the stars inside the pond. That’s why the people after reaching this pond forget their difficulties. The trekking route to reach this site is not free from the menace. If you miss a step, you might slide down and go missing. So, one must follow the footstep of the person moving in front of you.

While looking into the pond it appears to be night time. The pond shines with the glow of stars from 4 to 6 according to the seers. A little hustle around the pond causes clouds to cover up the pond. That’s why visitors try to surpass one another to reach first at this pond.

This pond can only be reached if traveled through Luwangsa of Gaurishanker rural municipality. Most of the devotees walk on foot to reach this spot. This pond is around 4474 meters high.

We come to the last destination after descending a bit lower than Tarapokhari/Kalapokhari (pond). The romance of the journey is there. You have a feeling of victory and achievement. This is the Jatapokhari region.

There is no fear when you are nearby Jatapokhari. You feel as if you have landed in a different world. The pond which is 4250 meters high usually organizes a fair on the occasion of Janai Purnima. It is believed that your wishes will be fulfilled here.

Paanch Pokhari

The pond lies at the height of 4514 meters on the lap of the Himal. All the visitors are happy from this journey to Jatapokhari-Panchapokhari.

All visitors look happy and gleeful. Then we retreat home through the same trekking route after once again observing the religious and naturally captivating sight here.

Gaurishanker rural municipality is going to make this trekking route easier. We expect and hope that in the days to come many more visitors will enjoy the fun of this virgin trekking route. Let Tara, Jata, and Panchpokhari deities bless their lives with peace, health, and prosperity.

Tentative Map
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