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January 25, 2021

Sisne Round Trek Discovered

  • Sirjana Karki/RSS

Rukum (East): A new trekking route -Sisne Round trek- has been discovered in Nepal. The new Sisne Round Trek touches the three local topography of Rukum (East) in Lumbini province, Rukum (West) in Karnali province, and mesmerizing tourist spots of the Dolpa region.

The new trekking route is likely to be the most fascinating route as compared to that of the Langtang trekking route according to the discovery team members associated with Nepal Mountaineering.

Mountaineer Man Bahadur Khatri has led this new trekking route discovery team. The Khatri team has been supported by Sisne Rural Municipality located in Rukum (East) and other municipalities such as Athbasikot municipality and Bafikot Rural Municipality in the Rukum (West) in addition to contributions of culture and tourism development center.

The discovery team led by Khatri had used the previously available data about the new trekking route to identify it and complete the whole process. The preliminary report says the trekking can be done in 14 days which can attract many tourists.  The trekking can be done for just Rs 14000.
Khatri who has already worked as a trekking guide for most of the trekking destinations in the country also claimed that 28 Himals of Kanjirao can be seen from behind this Sisne mountain. Now, tourists can be easily brought to this region once the international airports at Bhairahwa and Pokhara are completed.

Sisne Round Trekking Schedule

  1. Radi Athbiskot-Banchare
  2. Banchare – Jaljala
  3. Jaljala- Damana
  4. Damana- Kolti
  5. Kolti-Khalti
  6. Kahlti-Guptadaha
  7. Guptadaha-Nigaladaha
  8. Nigalatata-Sisne Base camp
  9. Sisne base camp-Sisne high camp
  10. Sisne high camp -Nau Daha( small Kailash)
  11.  Nau Daha- Deuti patan
  12. Deuti patan- Kholapatan
  13. Kholapatan -Holikanda
  14. Holikanda -Gotamkot-RadiAthbiskot
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