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January 28, 2021

LIGLIG CYCLE RACE to be hosted on Feb 19,2021

Historical ligligkot

Kathmandu: The first LIGLIG CYCLE RACE is going to be hosted on February 19, 2021, to promote tourism by exposing the historical aspects, cultural diversity, and natural beauty of Ligligkot.

Liglig Village Sport is oraganizing this great event to mark the occasion of democracy day on Feb 19. The main sponsors of the event are Nepal Tourism Board and Palungtar Municipality while Risenise Municipality and Gorkha’s Sirnachowk rural muncipality are co-sponsors of this program.

Ligligkot is not only popular for its historical legacy, but also for the cultural diversity and habitat of Magar, Thakuri, and Dalits. Anyone who arrives here will be automatically fascinated by the enchanting snowcapped Himalayan ranges in the north and lush green plans in the south.

Despite this place being the unique confluence of history, culture, and nature, it has not yet been fully developed into a tourist hub. So, the Cycle race is being hosted to promote local tourism through adventure sport according to Sanjive Rana who is the chairman of the organizing committee. He also said that the program will create awareness about the environment among the local people and will promote local tourism at the same time.

The Cycle Race is being held in technical support of the Nepal Cycle Association and the race will start from Ligligkot of Gorkha’s Palungtar Municipality and will cover few areas of neighboring Siranchowk rural municipality and Risenisekot rural municipality will return to the Ligligkot once again.

The cycle race will be organized by keeping in view of the values of the international cycle race and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Nepal Cycle Association.

The Cycle race participants are divided into three groups of males and females. Anyone can participate in the open competition. The first winner of the race will get a cash award of Rs 25000 in each group while the participants up to tenth positions will be given prizes and medals.

Similarly, the prizes have been arranged for the participants of Gandaki and Palungtar participants only. The first winners of males and females in Gandaki province will be given Rs 5000 each with a medal while participants within Palungtar Municipality will be given Rs 25000 and a medal for each first winner of male and female. The prizes up to third place have been managed.

Ligligkot situated in Palungtar municipality of Gorkha district was a separate kingdom during Chaubise rule. Among the Magar Ghale nation, during the Dasahain here, one who runs up to Ligligkot and wins the race used to be declared as King (Wang) for one year according to the democratic traditions.

Palungtar Municipality

Later on, the Thakuri king of Lamnjung Dravya Shah usurped the power of this kingdom. In the subsequent years, the descendant of the same king, Prithivi Narayan Shah laid the foundation of modern Nepal.

‘Liglige Cycle Race’ is being organized to give a glimpse of the same tradition. This event will preserve and promote the local culture, tourism, and adventure sports. The program will also be a medium of publicity for Ligligkot and for the promotion of internal and external tourism of this place.

At the end of the cycle race, a cultural festival will be held. The local artists’ Sorathi, Chudka, Lakhe, Lokdohari, and other cultural programs will be hosted while participants will also dance and enjoy the entertainment.

Program Schedule

Program Date                                  Feb 19, 2021

Registration open                            January 20, 2021 (Wednesday)

Last date of Registration                February 9, 2021 (online registration)

Venue                                               Palungtar Municipality-2, Aappipal, Liligkot

Technical Briefing                          9 am

Inauguration                                    9:30 am

Cycle Race starts                             10 am (race will be according to racecourse given in the map)

Prize Distribution and End of Program : 3 pm

Registration Fees

Nepali: Rs 1500            SAARC Country: Rs 5000               Outside SAARC Rs 10,000

Facilities after Registration:

  • Pick and drop facility has been managed from Dumre of Prithivi highway to program spot and from program spot to Dumre. On February 18, pick up will be done from Dumre since 1 pm and on Feb 21, pick up to Dumre from Ligligkot will be done upto 9 am (note; Those coming to ligligkot on their own expenses can take the facility of public micro, bus and bus services from Narayangarh)
  • Ligligkot homestay and tent house facility can be arranged on Feb 18 and 19.
  • Local foods will be available throughout the program.
  • Liglig Cycle Race Tea Shirt also has been sponsored.

How to Register?

Registration for this Liglig Cycle Race and fee must be paid through e-Sewa forms.

Registration Links: https://esewafornepay.page.link/liglige-cycle-race

Prize and Award Menu

SN Males Prize Amount Award Female Prize amount Award
1 First Rs 25000 Medal First Rs 25000 Medal
2 Second Rs 20,000 Medal Second Rs 20,000 Medal
3 Third Rs 15000 Medal Third Rs 15,000 Medal
4 Fourth Rs 10000 Medal Fourth Rs 10,000 Medal
5 Fifth Rs 5000 Medal Fifth Rs 5000 Medal
6 Sixth Rs 2500 Medal Sixth Rs 2500 Medal
7 Seventh Rs 2000 Medal Seventh Rs 2000 Medal
8 Eight Rs 1500 Medal Seventh Rs 1500 Medal
9 Ninth Rs 1500 Medal Ninth Rs 1500 Medal
10 Tenth Rs 1500 Medal Tenth Rs 1500 Medal


Gandaki Province:

SN Males Prize Amount Award Female Prize amount Award
1 First Rs 5000 Medal First Rs 5000 Medal
2 Second Rs 3000 Medal Second Rs 3000 Medal
3 Third Rs 2500 Medal Third Rs 2500 Medal


Palungtar Municipality:

SN Males Prize Amount Award Female Prize amount Award
1 First Rs 2500 Medal First Rs 2500 Medal
2 Second Rs 2000 Medal Second Rs 2000 Medal
3 Third Rs 1000 Medal Third Rs 1000 Medal

All the participants will be awarded certificates.

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