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January 30, 2021

Enjoying Mt Kumbhakarna Expedition

Mt. Kumbhakarna (7710 m) situated on the border of Nepal and India offers a lot of fun and ecstasy for the mountaineers. It is also known as Jannu in local terms.

The alpinists can enjoy the most bewitching panoramic glimpses of Kanchenjunga ranges besides observing the alpine vegetation and variety of Rhododendron, fir, home lock and oak trees. The region is highly enriched in flora and fauna.

Snow Leopard, clouded Leopard, blue sheep, wild goat, Marmot and Weasel are found in this region which can be used for both trekking and mountaineering.

The region is home to Limbu people and can offer glimpses of Mt. Kanchenjanga (8586m), Mt. Kanchenjanga (8476m), Mt. Kanchenjanga south(8476m), Mt. Kiratchuli (Tent peak 7365m), Mt. Nepal peak(6910m) Pathivara Chuli(7125m) and several other mountain peaks which usually remain snow capped.


According to a legend, the name of this mountain was derived from the name of giant prince Kumbhakarna, who was ancient Sri-Lanka King Rawan’s younger brother as described in the epic of Ramayan. Lord Ram had fought against King Rawan in the epic Ramanayan. Kumbhakaran used to sleep for six month after eating for six months. It was a boon granted to him by the Lord Brahmma.

You can make your choice either to climb this peak or enjoy the trekking to the base camp of this peak. The best seasons are of course the spring and autumn.

Expedition Schedule can be as follows:

Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu

Day 02: Prepare expedition in Kathmandu

Day 03: Briefing Expedition in Ministry in Kathmandu

Day 04: Kathmandu to Biratnagar

Day 05: Fly to Suketar

Day 06: Tambawa – Khesewa

Day 07: Khesewa – Mamankhe

Day 08: Mamakhe – Yamphudin 1670m

Day 09: Yamphudin – Chittre (Omje Khola)

Day 10: Chittre – Torontan

Day 11: Torontan – Tseram

Day 12: Tseram – Ramze

Day 13: Ramze – Kumbhakarna Base camp

Day 14: Advanced base

Day 15 – 36: Climbing period Kumbhakarna

Day 37: Kumbhakarna BC – Yellung

Day 38: Yallung – Lamite Bhanjhyang

Day 39: Lamite Bhanjyang – Yamphudin

Day 40: Yamphuding – Phonpe Dhara

Day 41: Phonpe Dhara – Khunjar

Day 42: Khunjar – Suketar

Day 43: Fly to Biratnagar & Kathmandu

Day 44: Kathmandu

Day 45: Departure

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