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February 12, 2021

Climbing Ngadi Chuli for adventure

Climbing Ngadi Chuli (7,871 m) in Nepal is one of the enchanting trips that any one can enjoy in the Himalayan mountain ranges, the Manaslu Himal Range.

It is also known as Gurkha Massif in Nepal and the mountain peak has several other names such as Peak 29, Dakura, Dakum and Dunapurna. The peak is surrounded by Manaslu Himal in the northern side and Himchuli in the southern border.

In the early phase, the Japanese climbers embarked upon the expedition spree in 1961 and they attempted it in 1969 for the third time, when they reached up to 7350m.

Three Japanese climbers died in the year 1978, during the seventh attempt. It has only been climbed once or twice of which the first ascend probably took place in 1970 by Hiroshi Watanabe and Sherpa Lhaksa Tsering, members of a Japanese team who climbed the East Ridge and the face.

They only reached about 7500m and the film rolls found with them showed no evidence of them climbing the summit. In order to confirm their ascent to the summit, the Japanese organized three more climbs but they all went in vain as none of them succeeded.

The first ascent of this peak which was confirmed had taken place in 2005 and the last attempt was done in 1979 by the Polish climbers Ryszard Gajewski and Maciej Pawlikowski through the west support.

The best season to climb this peak are the months of April and May when the sky is very clear and there are less chances of storms or fatal fall. The mountain looks very enticing when the weather is clear.

The nearest airport from the mountain is Kathmandu, however, the  Pokhara is the convenient center.

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