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February 15, 2021

Far-western tourism entrepreneurs in Pokhara


Pokhara: The tourism entrepreneurs of Pokhara have said that they will join hands for the development of tourism in the far west. In an interaction with a team of businessmen who have arrived in Pokhara for an inter-provincial coordinated visit organized by the Far Western Nepal Association Tour and Travels (NATTA) and promoted by the Nepal Tourism Board, the tourism entrepreneurs here will move forward by cooperating in tourism development.

Speaking on the occasion, Bhoj Raj Pathak, Chief of Far Western Province Tourism Development Program Implementation Unit, said that much could be learned from Gandaki and Pokhara as they are the role model for the region. He said that the tourism that has been slowed down by Covid-19 can be made to revive through domestic tourism by visiting from one state to another.

Agni Kandel, the coordinator of the Internal Tourism Revival Committee, said that various programs should be targeted at domestic tourists to speed up the situation behind Covid. Stating that the Far West has not been able to achieve economic prosperity even though it is ahead in terms of culture, nature, and politics, he said that tourism activities should be increased by emphasizing publicity. He said that the Far West could be the destination of domestic tourists in the coming days if attractive destinations could be brought through the package.

Chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council, Gopi Bahadur Bhattarai, said that the cause of the current problems for tourism should be found. He said that the current tourism could not pick up speed from the traditional thinking and conditions, adding that it should move ahead with the development of innovative thinking and technology. He said that the government’s policy should be made tourism-friendly and create a conducive environment for tourists.

Bikal Tulachan, president of the Western Hotel Association, said that the development of tourism in the Far West and Gandaki would be possible if the emphasis was laid on air connectivity. Chairman of NATTA Far West, Mayaprakash Bhatta, said that the Far West could not be transformed into an economic transformation even though nature gave everything to it.

Secretary-General of NATTA Far West Padam Bikram Singh informed that an inter-provincial coordination visit program has been organized with tourism entrepreneurs from Lumbini, Gandaki, Karnali, and other states under the slogan ‘Dev Bhumi is a beautiful place, let’s go to the far west’. He said that the seven-day coordination visit would end in Bardiya.

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