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February 17, 2021

Basant panchami heralds springtime

Kathmandu: The people across the country observed the most auspicious occasion known as “Basant Panchami” or Sarswati Puja or the arrival of spring on February 16, 2021.

The goddess Saraswati is revered among the Hindu devotees and especially school students and campus students as the source of knowledge, art, music, speech, and wisdom.

Above all this, the auspicious occasion also marks the cheerful arrival of the spring season when the weather is very suitable for all travelers, tourists, and mountain climbers. This is the most suitable time when all trekking, tourism, mountain tourism-related activities are kept on the top priority.

This occasion usually falls at the end of January and beginning of February and this time it has fallen in the February second week yesterday.

Most of the schools and college students, teachers, artists, musicians, and professionals tend to worship goddess Saraswati on this occasion and share their wishes through Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

Basanti or yellow color is considered to be the favorite color of goddess Saraswati and this day is also deemed to be most auspicious for a marriage day. God Brahma is the husband of goddess Saraswati as described in Hindi mythology.


According to a famous legend in Hindu mythology, the Hindu God Brahma created the universe and wanted to see it personally with his own eyes. So, he set out on a journey. But he was very much disappointed to see the complete silence on the earth.

He then sprinkled some water in the air. An angel with a harp in her hand appeared from a tree and started playing something. Brahma asked her to continue to play the musical tone to keep the earth blessed with her voice. That was the birth of Saraswati which gave speech, music, knowledge, and art to this human world.

It also means the beginning of spring “The King of all seasons” and springtime the main symbol of prosperity. Most of the trekking and travel agencies are now ready to operate their tourism-related activities during springtime.

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