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February 18, 2021

Badaiyatal and Ranitalau becoming tourist destinations

Nepalgunj. Work is in full swing to expand the Badaiyatal (lake) of Bardiya as a tourist destination. The lake has also been listed as one of the 200 tourist destinations by the government.

The face of Badaiyatal (lake) is also changing after the people’s representatives and locals of Badaiyatal village municipality put forward a plan to develop it as a tourist destination.  Village chairman Lal Bahadur Shrestha said that a picnic resort, a road to the lake, drinking water, electricity, and a tower have been constructed in the lake and additional structures are also planned.

Badaiyatal is the largest lake in Bardiya. The main feature of the lake is the accumulation of water in the lake for two months. A variety of fish, lotus flowers, meadows, and bird sanctuaries make the lake more attractive and picturesque. In addition, the lake attracts more birds from the Arabian Sea. Chairman Shrestha said that the village municipality was named Badhaiyatal after Badhaiyatal.

Until a few years ago, fishing was being done on contract in the lake. The development of the lake was lagging behind due to fisheries. According to Mehilal Tharu, a local of Badaiyagaun, the locals are also happy to see the development of the lake.

This lake is located between village municipality-5 and 4. There is a dense settlement of Tharu community in the lake area. The history of Badaiyatal is also linked with the identity of the Tharu community. Chairman Shrestha said that the interest of the locals has increased with the development of Badhayatal and the plan to build a Tharu museum in the lake.

Similarly, the historic Ranitalau of Nepalgunj is now becoming a center of attraction for both internal and external tourists. The number of people going boating and observing the beautiful park has been increasing after the Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan Municipality reconstructed the famous historical Rani Lake at Nepalgunj-8, which was in a dilapidated condition till a decade and a half ago.

Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolis mayor Dr. Dhawal Shamsher Rana said that the historic Ranitalau (lake) is being developed as a tourist destination after the formation of the local body. According to him, citizens of western Nepal, as well as Indian border areas, have been coming to observe the park, which has been reconstructed at a cost of around Rs 2.5 million.

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