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February 24, 2021

How to climb mountains in Nepal?

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Manaslu base camp: File photo
Manaslu base camp: File photo

Over a century has passed ever since the mountaineering suddenly rose to the greatest alpine adventures. The adventurous alpinists from all over the world usually visit Nepal once annually to vanquish the world’s highest peaks in Nepal which gives them immense pleasure, happiness, and ecstasy; a real moment to feel proud of oneself and gain popularity after achieving the greatest feat in the world.

Nepal despite being a tiny country of the least developed in Asia and the world has much opulent natural and cultural richness to observe that any other advanced developed country might not have been endowed with despite its far advancement in physical structures.

Nepal is already famous for being the place where at least 8 highest peaks above 8000 meters and the world’s highest mountain peak Mt Everest is located in this country which can be explored by the world tourists, alpinists, and lovers of nature.

Nepal actually offers a unique rare chance of encountering both simple and technically challenging peaks to climb such as Mt Ama Dablam, Pumori, Baruntse, Himlung peak, Mt Everest, etc. The bountiful nature can be seen in its true nature here in Nepal where you will have a feel of heaven-like experience and feel like staying back for the rest of your life.

Nepal also offers not only the world’s best but the most popular mountain guides who have already created world records by climbing peaks above 8000 meters several times including scaling Mt Everest even 24 times, besides climbing the highest peaks without the use of oxygen cylinders.

Mountaineering in Nepal undoubtedly offers you incredible indigenous culture, the biodiversity of floras and faunas, and captivating diverse landscapes comprising lush hills, gorges, and the snow-capped Himalayas. In case of emergency, immediate rescue operations are also carried out, which assures your safety required during the extremely challenging escapade in the middle of isolated remote Himalayas.

Climbing mountains in Nepal means you should be physically fit and fine, Ice and mountain climbing experience, and know the general knowledge of the mountain.  You can apply for the climbing permits through the Trekking/Expedition Company via the Tourism Department of Nepal with full of information of your personal detail.

It is mandatory to hire a license holder climbing Sherpa for climbing mountains in Nepal. To climb peaks in Nepal you also need to prepare personal climbing equipment gears. You may bring these gears from your home or can hire them from Kathmandu. You can also buy a package with an all-inclusive tour through the Nepali Expedition company.  The experienced Sherpa guide will instruct you on some of the basic knowledge of climbing rules, to use the gears, and safety instruction including climbing limits.

Royalty and peak permits

Before climbing any peaks in Nepal you need to take climbing permits by paying a certain amount of fees or look for peaks that can be climbed free of cost. To promote mountain expeditions in remote locations, the government offers a seasonal cost offer policy.  In the high season, the climbers pay the full amount of policy,  The permit s were 50 percent discounted for the Autumn season expedition and 75 percent discount for the winter season expedition in Nepal. For detailed information about the expedition royalty cost, you are suggested to visit the website of the Department of Tourism Ministry of Nepal.

Best season for climbing peaks

spring and autumn seasons are considered to be the best for mountain climbing and expeditions in Nepal.

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