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February 25, 2021

Everest expedition from Nepal side

The world’s highest mountain peak Mt Everest or locally popular as Sagarmatha or Chumolunga can be scaled from the Nepal side as well as the Chinese Tibet side which can offer the most spectacular panoramic glimpses of nature in its highest form on earth.

As you step towards the Hillary step, you are ushered into a different world of glimpses full of snow-capped peaks all around the Everest peak.  Mount Everest has got various titles, the goddess of snow and the roof of the world and the third pole as well.

Mt Everest gets its name after the British surveyor, Gorge Everest when he discovered the altitude of this highest peak in 1856. Mt Everest got its fame soon after the successful attempt of Mt. Everest in 1953 AD by SherpaTenzing Norgay and New Zealander Edmund Hillary.

Since this event, Mount Everest became the most thrilling adventure destination for most of the mountaineers from around the world. However, climbing this highest peak is not an easy task as many guides and climbers have lost their lives while climbing this peak that allures all climbers.

Natural calamities such as winds, avalanches, and lack of oxygen cab be encountered while ascending this peak.

Mt. Everest lies between Tibet (Autonomous zone of China) and Nepal’s international border. The north face of Mt. Everest lies in Tibet and the other three faces are on the Nepal side. There are two popular climbing routes which is one from Nepal Everest Base Camp (known as the South Col route) and another is Tibet Everest Base Camp (northeast route). From both of the base camps, people can participate in the ascent of Everest.

Most of the climbers like to scale Mt Everest from the Nepali side rather than the Tibet side. You can book your expeditions at one of the best expedition companies in Nepal and try it.

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