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March 1, 2021

First Hyolmo Female to climb Mt Everest

Kathmandu: Kanchhi Dolma Hyolmo has become the first female climber from the Hyolmo community to set her foot on the highest peak of the world.

Kanchhi and her expedition team had scaled Mt Everest (8848.86m) on May 23, 2019, which gave her a moment of great pride and happiness along with wide media coverage.

The media reports say that her successful attempt on Mt Everest was possible due to the support she gained from her Hyolmo community that contributed to her Everest expedition campaign by providing her the required financial assistance.

Expressing about her experience about stepping her first foot on the peak of the Everest she said, “Some were crying, other hugging each other. For me, it was a dream comes true. I didn’t know how to express my feeling. It was a moment of pride and happiness”.

Kanchhi’s Hyolmo community is also very proud of her for achieving this extraordinary feat that represents her community. She has recently climbed Ganja La peak, a local mountain in Helambu in coordination with Helambu Rural Municipality.

Kanchhi is also looking for new trekking routes and is planning to scale several other untouched mountain peaks. Along with her success in Everest ascent, she plans to use her identity of a mountaineer to promote tourism, trekking, and mountaineering in the Helambu region.

Kanchhi (34) also extends her gratitude to her Hyolmo community for supporting her in making her dream come true.

However, Kanchhi’s past history was different. She was simply a caretaker in Israel for nearly eight years. The region where she lived in Israel was very adjacent to the Dead Sea which is considered to be the lowest elevation on the earth. It was here that she conceived the very idea of stepping on the highest mountain peak of the world.

Surprisingly enough, just within a short span of 18 months of mountaineering training including acclimatization and climbing peaks of shorter heights of around 6000 meters and above, Kanchhi was able to fulfill her dream of stepping on Mt Everest ultimately.

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