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March 17, 2021

Tower climbing adventure for tourists in Pokhara

Pokhara: The tourist capital city of Pokhara has one additional adventure sport to lure tourists. Tower climbing adventure in Pokhara is now being increasingly loved by the tourists.

The tower climbing adventure activity has come into operation near the Mountain Museum at Ratopaira, Pokhara-17 according to Bungee Nepal Adventures Pvt Ltd. The bungee tower is as tall as 35-metres.

The operators of this tower climbing sports said an individual tourist must pay an amount of Rs 1,000 to climb the bungee tower and an additional charge of Rs 200 is charged if the climber wishes to take photographs from the tower.

The operators have also arranged for special packages for birthday and wedding celebrations. The climbers can also take a little respite while climbing if they feel fatigued while climbing up the tower because the tower has been designed accordingly.

The tourists both domestic and foreigners can enjoy the panoramic glimpses of natural as well as cultural beauty of virgin mountains and cultures of Pokhara.

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