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March 28, 2021

Second season of hunting begins in Dhorpatan

Balewa. The second season of hunting is about to start in Dhorpatan, the only hunting reserve in Nepal which is the choice of foreign adventure hunters.

It is hunted here in two seasons. Hunting due to corona infection and lockdown from the previous year could not start even in the first season of this year. This time, eight tahr and four jharal are being hunted, said Chief Conservation Officer of the reserve, Virendra Kandel. Hunting is open for two seasons every year in Kartik and Chait. For the second season of this year, eight hunters will be hunting, including three from Spain, one from the United States, one from Russia, one from Ukraine, and two from France.

According to the reserve, Global Safaris Nepal has taken permission to hunt three Tahr and one jharal, Nepal Travels Expedition Pvt. According to Global Safarij Nepal Pvt. According to Article 11 of the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act, 2029 BS, any person can hunt with a hunting license.

There is a provision that only a person who can submit the revenue as specified by the department and has a license to wield a weapon can get a hunting license. Even if any Nepali or foreign national gets it, so far only foreign hunters are hunting with permission.

As local allies, they have been taking along professional hunters from different areas including Baglung. After hunting in Dhorpatan, most hunters eat meat and take only horns, hooves, and skins to their country. They have won trophies in international competitions.

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