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April 7, 2021

These points matter, if you visit Nepal

Nepal is one of the wonderful tourist destinations in the world, where you can enjoy a lot of fun, excitement, and adventure of exploration, trekking, expeditions, bungee jump, river rafting, birds watching, cave tour, cultural tour, spiritual tour, a jungle safari in the world-famous national parks like Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park.

This is a land of bountiful natural and cultural beauty that nature has bestowed upon this tiny nation though considered to be one of the least developed and upcoming developing nations in the world.

This is a spectacular country with the world’s highest peak standing on the crest of this country and the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha who preached peace to the world.

So, a blend of eastern knowledge, immense cultural treasures, and natural beauty is very vastly endowed in this country which can be enjoyed by the tourists at the lowest price as compared to other parts of the world.

However, if you are coming to Nepal for the first time, you should take stock of certain cultural and traditional rituals of Nepal as a guest to comply with.

While eating 

  • Avoid eating food with your left hand. You should eat with your right hand.
  • Wait for the host to start eating food or wait for his/her signal to eat.
  • Beef is prohibited among Hindus. It is available in some restaurants, so try limiting your consumption.
  • Avoid yawning, stretching, and putting your hands on your head while eating.
  • Do not share food on the same plate or put your food on other’s plates after eating.
  • Do not leave food on your plate.
  • Try not to leave your seat after finishing your meal if you are in a group. just wait for others to stand up together.

While talking 

  • Say ‘Namaste’ and avoid ‘hello’ or ‘hi’ as far as practicable.
  • Talking softly while asking or speaking is considered polite.
  • Avoid addressing people with their first names. You can call them brothers or sisters.
  • Never point at someone while speaking or addressing them.
  • Try not to bad-mouth others.
  • Wait for your turn to speak. Interrupting others is not good.
  • Never touch someone’s head or stretch your feet towards a person.

While entering temples/homes

  • Should remove your shoes before entering a temple or house of a host.
  • Use your right foot to enter, it is considered a good omen
  • Walk around the temple in a clockwise direction.
  • Avoid photographing holy sites if it is prohibited.

While in public

  • You should be decently dressed in public to avert distractions. The public may feel awkward to see your dress.
  • Clothes with scenes of nudity or graphics should be avoided as far as possible.
  • Do not kiss your partner in public as it is not considered good in Nepal.
  • Carrying any weapons in public is restricted

While giving or receiving gifts

  • As far as possible, do not give gifts or money to Nepali people with your left hand.
  • Avoid opening gifts immediately after receiving them.
  • If you wish to give money to anyone give them in an envelope

At tourist spot 

  • Do not litter the places.
  • Do not vandalize tourist sites
  • Pay the appropriate fee for permissions while entering any site.
  • Avoid traveling outside, alone especially at night.
  • Avoid poaching wild animals
  • Always take a guide with you while going anywhere. This will make your tour comfortable.

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