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April 16, 2021

Over three dozen climbers including woman reach atop Annapurna Himal

Kathmandu. The first mountain climbing above 8,000 meters has been done in the spring of this year. More than three dozen climbers, including Nepali women, have succeeded in stepping on the top of Annapurna Himal on a single day Friday.

Fifteen people from Imagine Nepal and 14 people from Seven Summit Treks  and 10 people from Pioneer Adventure have successfully climbed Annapurna.

This is the first time that a Nepali woman has climbed Annapurna. Four women from both teams have successfully climbed the 8091 meters high Annapurna Himal.

The Imagine team led by Mingma Ji claims to have Dawa Yangjung, Dabhuti Sherpa, Purnima Shrestha, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa are among the first Nepali women to reach the summit. Likewise, Maya Sherpa, President at Everest Summiteers Association, also made it to the summit.

According to Mingma’s information on her Facebook page, two Chinese, two Pakistani nationals, one American, and nine Nepalese have successfully climbed from her team.

Among the climbers are Hong Dong Juan, Gao Li, Sirbaz Khan, Muhammad Abdul, Gina Marie, Mingma Gyalje Sherpa, Dawa Gyalje Sherpa, Dawa Yangjum Sherpa, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa, Dabhuti Sherpa, Pasang Namgya Sherpa, Phur Gyalzen Sherpa, Tamting Sherpa, Pema Tenzin Sherpa, Mingma Tenzi Sherpa, Chhangwa Sherpa, Pemba Sherpa, Lhakpa Temba Sherpa, Dawa Sherpa, Alvarez Chavez Viridiana, Lu Chung Han, Uta lbrahimi, Antonis Sykaris, Badia Briseida Bonilla Luna, Mauricio Ernsto Lopez Ahumada, Mosses Fiamoncin,  Angiolo Wolfgang Lavizino, Jaroslaw Zdanowicz, Waldemar Dominik Kowalewski, Mingma Tenji Sherpa, Sergei Kondrashkin, Dmitrii Sinev, and Aleksandr Lutokhin, among others.

The 8,091-meter-high Annapurna Mountain 1 was first successfully climbed in 1950 by Maurice Herzog and Louis Lachanel.

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